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Chronic Suicider

Chronic Suicider
Hey! Are you awake? Or are you just been controlled by something?

Chronic Suicider is an immersive spinal installation, exploring the concept of body-externalisation through a forced triangular relationship between the body, the spine, and the experience of physical pain. Moreover, this project encourages the audience to be aware of the effects on how mental state influences our body.

Everything has the consequences. A long-time habit of poor posture will also come with some unexpected body developments.

We developed this spinal sculpture through technical interactions via speculative that concept to converse about the contemporary epidemic and its future silhouette - Neck/Back disease. Chronic Suicider aims to make the audiences engaging through bring out futuristic imaginations and the high resonances. It is not only discussing the futuristic view but also representing the currently human behaviour, from neglected poor postures to be conscious of the relations of the emotion and body evolution.

Chronic Suicider likes to make everyone involved by interacting with the sensors. To see and reflect on ourselves, if this evolution is going to happen in the future, then how we resist? Otherwise, we might become chronic suiciders, because we chose to ignore this unhealthy future.

In Collaboration With_

Technological Partners/ Elle CastleDil Patel, Xian-Yu Guan

Dance Artist/ Kuan-Yu Chen

Photographer/ Jie (Jesse) Liao

Videographer/ Chen-Yu (Rhea) Zhou

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